Webinar: Driving Towards 10x - How to Achieve a Premium Valuation

Held February 25, 2021

Despite the recent COVID-related market dislocation, tech valuations, particularly SaaS valuations, have continued their epic run, with many companies achieving 5-10x revenues or higher. It's reasonable for business owners to wonder if they too could obtain those types of multiples in a financing or sale. The answer depends...on whether your business has the right characteristics. And once you understand those characteristics, you can begin to move your business up the valuation ladder.


As a result of the experiences gained through working with hundreds of emerging growth companies over a 20-year period, we at Fairmount Partners have reverse-engineered the elements that drive a premium or super-premium valuation.

In this webinar we share the secrets, processes and tools that emerging growth companies can leverage to optimize value both before, and during, a transaction process.

Webinar: Preparing for Liquidity in a Post-COVID World

Held September 29, 2020

Beginning in March, many business leaders that had been considering a liquidity event put those plans on hold in response to the uncertainty caused by COVID and the global economic recession. Recently, however, we've begun to see a resurgence in M&A, with an increasing number of new deals coming to market. View three market participants in the thick of the action discuss the current state of the market and what companies can be doing now to prepare for M&A in a post-COVID world.

Webinar: Three Legends and a Recession

Held July 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic shutdowns brought to an end a period of 11 straight years of economic growth. And while this recession is certainly unique, challenges are being exacerbated by the fact that, given the length of the prior economic expansion, many executives have limited or no experience managing the minefields of a recession. For those executives who successfully managed through them, previous recessions have provided valuable lessons.


View three past recipients of the PACT Legend Lifetime Achievement Award, all key leaders in our region who have each helped myriad companies successfully navigate the waters of severe recession, discuss the unique challenges, opportunities and lessons learned from past recessions as we seek to understand - and reemerge from - the current one.

Webinar: How to Run a Successful Virtual Company

Held May 22, 2020

With the impact of COVID-19, most if not all office-based businesses have been forced to go virtual. But what should executives do differently when running a virtual company to ensure it functions successfully? Nick Wilkinson, CEO of Binary Tree, has a unique understanding of how to successfully operate a virtual organization, including both the tricks and potential traps, having gained experience leading a 100% virtual organization of more than 150 employees spread over 10 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. He and moderator Allen Born review the technology, processes, and culture that have allowed Binary Tree, a leader in cloud migration solutions, to compete at the highest levels.

The Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast:

Charles Robins on Unlocking Value Ahead of a Sale

Managing Director Charles Robins spoke on the Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast about the process Fairmount Partners has developed to help owners and operators maximize their value. Listen to the episode below.

Charles Robins on Unlocking Value Ahead of a Sale
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